About Us


We created this site to offer a glimpse into our life and creative process – through our various design projects - past/present/future - or through thoughts, ideas, people, and places that inspire us.


Our Desire to Create...


We have always had a deep seated desire to create – Kathrin, moving to Los Angeles to formally study and pursue a career in acting, and Brian, relocating shortly after graduating college to pursue a music writing career. Of course, with any journey, our path wasn’t pre-determined and diverging from our original intent moved us in different creative directions. Today, Kathrin is a stained glass artist (www.bandsofcolor.com) and Brian is an active full-time real estate developer, designer, and part-time musician (current solo piano music project here: www.templerising.com).

Our combined experience has led us to collaborate with each other in a variety of ways. Kathrin has extensive experience in both motion picture production and social media marketing/branding. Kathrin also founded and operated the bohemian clothing line Gypsan, and has a great visual eye for interior design. Brian has continued to bridge the gap between the creative aspects of design and a more practical approach to affordable real estate development. Holding a B.S. in Business Administration, a California Real Estate License, and California General Contractors License, Brian has a versatile skill set. 

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